Tree Services

Protect your yard by removing dangerous trees.

Tree Services


We can demolish old buildings and parking lots.


See what we can do for your property

When you need to tidy up your yard or you're planning to build something new, you may find yourself with a long to-do list. Our team has the skills and equipment needed to take care of several of those items. Our services include:

Dirt work

Tree care


Yard cleanup

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How Can You Make Your Yard Clean and Safe?

Rely on the crew at Top Tier LLC

It's difficult to cover all the bases when it comes to keeping your property in great shape, especially if you're dealing with storm damage. Whether you own a home or a commercial property, you want to make sure your lawn is free of debris and your trees are healthy. At Top Tier LLC, we share those same priorities.

Something that sets Top Tier Apart is our climbers. Having professional climbers reduces the cost of the job compared to needing heavy equipment like cranes and lifts that could further tear up your Property

We offer a variety services to help you keep your property safe and looking fabulous. We serve clients in the areas around Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake, Hackberry and DeQuincy LA. We can be there in the same or next day for your free estimate and we will never stand you up. If we set a time to meet you can count on us being there!

At Top Tier, we're proud to help you improve your corner of the community. Our owner started the company after witnessing the devastating effects of Hurricane Laura in August 2020. We look forward to providing dependable tree removal and cleanup services to residents of the Sulphur, LA area.

We insist on customer satisfaction. If you need tree care services, contact us now to discuss your interests.